Important new Catch-Up vaccination program for adolescents aged 10-19 years

By September 19, 2017News

An important new Govt initiative is now available for all adolescents until they turn 20.

The Govt has recently made several changes to the routine vaccine schedule that affect adolescents and have expanded the availability of free vaccines for Catch-Up purposes for all people under 20 to enable the appropriate catch-up for those who may have missed some important vaccines.

We encourage all adolescents to take this opportunity to have your vaccination needs assessed to ensure your vaccines are Up-to-Date and to access free Catch-Up vaccines where eligible.

The clinical assessment of personal vaccination needs and administration of vaccines incur a fee by the vaccination provider that is partly rebatable through Medicare.

Please be aware that wherever eligibility exists for Govt-funded vaccines, those vaccines will be supplied free. However, costs for other vaccines that are not supplied free by Govt (e.g. travel vaccines & other options), will be discussed as part of the vaccination needs assessment for each individual before any vaccine/s are given.

Please contact reception to arrange an appointment with your doctor to discuss this Catch-Up program.