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  • ‘Doctors of Ivanhoe’ is a mixed billing practice.
  • Payment is required at the time of consultation.
  • We accept EFT, VISA, and MASTERCARD.
  • Medicare rebates can be claimed on-site directly back into your EFT account
  • A separate non-Medicare rebatable facility fee applies on procedures/specific services.

Where Medicare rebates apply, the following fees apply to each patient seen by a GP doctor or Nurse, regardless of the length of the medical service provided.
Not all services qualify for a Medicare Rebate and in this case other fees may apply.

Fee Type - FACE to FACE and TELEHEALTH ConsultationsOut of Pocket ExpensesBalance of Fee
Private Patients till 6pm  (Mon-Fri)$56.00Medicare Rebate
Discount till 6pm  (Pensioners/HCC Mon-Fri) $30.00Medicare Rebate
Saturday and after 6pm weekdays  (No Discounts available) $66.00Medicare Rebate
Sun & Public Holidays  (No Discounts available)CLOSEDCLOSED
DVANilDirect Billed to DVA